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How To Get an Approved Referral With Piney Woods SEO


Get Paid $150-$250

step By Step Process

What Qualifies As A Referral
Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Neighbors, Etc.

Steps To Qualify For Compensation
1. The referral(s) should receive a call beforehand to know they will be receiving a call from Jaime Jimenez from Piney Woods SEO.
2. Once you inform them, please fill out the form below.
3. Once a contract has been signed between the referral and Piney Woods SEO, the final step will be for the referral to make the first deposit on the project.
4. You’ll receive the compensation within 2 business days the deposit is made.

Compensation For Approved Referrals
For first approval: $150.00
For second approval: $175.00
For following approvals: $200.00

*When you receive more than $600.00 within a single tax year, a W-9 will be sent.
*You will only be compensated once for each approved referral. This applies to web design, SEO, and other related services that are a one time time deal or ongoing on a month to month basis.

by Filing out this form, you agree to have understood Everything Listed Above

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